Welcome to Canned Heat Dance Company! 

We are committed to providing a safe space for adults to explore dancing in a comfortable, fun, and supportive environment.

Have you ever wanted to try dance? Have you been looking for a studio to grow your skills and confidence without the pressure of performance? 

At Canned Heat Dance Company, we offer a new style of dance programming. Rather than a live performance, we finish our seven-week sessions with a professionally filmed video of the class choreography (participation optional) which is provided to students for their own personal use. 

 "Lead with love and the feet will follow."

Why Choose Us?

We offer both sessional and drop-in classes to suit your schedule in a variety of styles. We focus on film rather than live performance, this means NO costume fees and the opportunity for multiple takes! The classes end with a filmed group performance you can keep and share as you wish. Most importantly, we offer 1:1 feedback to help you master new skills in a low pressure environment.  

Our Services

Have you ever thought you would like to try dance but you are unable to commit to a full school year of classes? Canned Heat makes dance accessible to those who may not be able to commit to a full dance season by providing the option of both seven-week sessions and drop-in classes.

Sessional Classes

Drop-in Classes

Video Opportunities

When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.” 

– Paulo Coelho